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Ilikechocolate, I know how you feel. That's the way I generally feel when I'm trying to change my eating habits, on a diet or just watching what I eat since it usually comes off incredibly slowly for me now. When I hurt my shoulder last year and stopped working out I started to gain weight even though I was still doing South Beach and it totally de-motivated (felt devastated) me. Then when the holidays rolled around I gave up thinking, 'why bother?' But, it does matter. I had to take back control so here I am again. I still have 20 more pounds to go before I'm back to the weight when I gave up, then another 60 pounds to go after that.
Don't give up. don't give in. Stay with it. It's all about 1 day at a time. 7 pounds is a lot of weight. Break it down into 1 meal at a time if you have to, but keep reminding yourself of your positive progress. Everything you do counts even though it doesn't always show up on the scales.
Sometimes the weight loss will show up in inches lost rather than pounds lost when you add exercise because, as you know, muscle weighs more than fat. Maybe keeping using a tape measure for a while instead of the scales can help you to stay the course.
You CAN do it. You ARE doing it! You go girl!
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