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Default Cardio vs Weight Training

So I started out on my weight loss goal at 310lbs with an ultimate goal of 210lbs with no set date just whenever I get there. I do keep setting monthly weight loss targets though.

I'm down from 310 to 270lbs by doing basically all cardio. I really have not done any weight training. I actually prefer cardio, I enjoy getting the sweat going and challenging myself to burn more calories then I did the day before. I have been doing 90 minutes a day 4-5 days a week between the arc trainer and treadmill on incline with the odd jog.

I am wondering at what point I need to really start doing the weight training. At 100lbs to go I was really only concerned with losing weight. I realize having muscle burns more cals in a day but being overweight kills you. My current target is 259lbs by July 1st (Canada Day). After this target I think I need to completley change my exercise routine. What would be a good mix to go? I've heard you cant lose weight and gain muscle at the same time so should I wait until i'm down to 210 before really starting to do weights?
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