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Thanks you guys! Such great feedback.

Got diagnosed when I was having a multitude of food senstivity sideaffects that were really hindering my day-to-day life. Constant bloating, though I'm very tall (6') and thin (by anyone else's standards -- I'm just very athletic so the 18 extra pounds I gained after 5 months of surgeries last Fall, medicine sideaffects and no workout capability, left me very uncomfortable and lethargic). The other sideaffects were incredible headaches, no energy, ridiculous cravings even though I was already full, bad skin, I looked like I aged 10 years overnight, thin/dull hair, total insomnia/irritability, memory loss.

Funny all those things can be attributed to toxins in your body, that most people don't even realize....not old age!! LOL (I'm only in my 40's)

The education process has been really enlightening. People don't realize that your body craves the things it shouldn't have.

I've found out about Coconut Milk which is amazing; honey is catastrophic for me....sends my blood sugar to the moon!

They will try weaning me back onto some of my lower sensitivities - egg whites I'm truly hoping. Won't ever see dairy (the MAJOR source of my skin problems - that was shocking!!), or sugar or soy.

Can't wait to get my new cookbook that is gluten/sugar/soy/dairy/egg free -- but all in all, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE every fresh fruit, veggie, chicken/fish/ not so bad. And a glass of red wine or so isn't bad for me either. So hey -- life is good!!! :-)

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