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I just wanted to toss a couple of words of encouragement here! I have never been THIN, I have always been muscular with a tendency toward the stocky side. Then, I got married, had children and chased the dream. (I wish I knew what that was!) One day I looked in the mirror and realized, I was a fat man. I don't know what happened, I just became a fat guy. I was wearing trousers that were from the fat man shop and could no longer wear the custom tailored clothing I had purchased. Did I get angry? Nooooo, I got depressed and crawled into the refrigerator. If it was not bolted down, I at least chewed on it. I got virtually no support from home with my family keeping me supplied with candies, cakes and all manner of goodies. My health was shot (Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol) It took a trip to the Caribbean and a conversation with a child to wake me up. An innocent 5 year old walked up to me and asked why I was so fat. His mother was appalled and is probably still apologizing. But the truth of the matter is I had just accepted the fact I was fat. Did you notice I used the term fat instead of overweight, obese or big? If I dress up the truth with nicer sounding words It is far too easy for me to stop my plan and crawl back into my self made prison of despair. My plan is far more drastic than yours. I investigated and then had bariatric surgery (last week, May 24th, 2011) When I started this mess I was weighing in at 396 (yep one FAT man) Today I weighed in at 326. I know I still have a long way to go but will now stick to my plan. For me to have any chance at succeeding I had to move out. At this time I am not considering divorce, but am willing to do what it takes including that to insure I will no longer be the fat man I was. My family is still merrily rolling downhill in a river of high fat high sugar foods and I am begging them to consider the possibility that they can crawl out of the hole they are in like I am fighting to do.

For you, I would offer three small things. Set small goals, Keep your ultimate goal in the front of your mind and surround yourself with positive people. If you do these things, you will positively succeed!

Best of luck

Bill Warren
Kansas City
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