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Originally Posted by warren6609 View Post
I completely understand your situation. I am a bit taller and have made some decisions on how I am approaching weight loss differently than what I know of you, but wanted to say I feel you can find success IF you have a plan, desire and a support network that will back you up.

I am very much alone (even in a crowd) and am working on serious challenges on multiple fronts. I would suggest you identify one thing and work on that before moving on to the next item. This would make you set smaller attainable goals and allow you to build on some success!

All my best

Bill in KC!
Bill, thanks for the warm welcome!! Thanks for the "smaller attainable goals" tip!!

Originally Posted by Bubbs21 View Post
Welcome to Fitday.

You have come to a fabulous place with lots of friendly, generous people to provide you with support.

There is a Over 100lbs group on the forums you may wish to join. We share struggles, successes, and suggestions.

Warren is right, small attainable goals are the key. They say it takes 28 days to change a behaviour. Pick one or two things to do over the next month e.g. walk each day?; Track all food and activity in fitday; or drink 8 glasses of water. The key is to start small, make a plan and work your plan.

Most of all be king to yourself and take it one step, one bite and one day at a time. Everything you do is a conscious decision to do it or not.

Good luck and stay in touch.
Bubbs, thanks for the kind and informative!!

Thank you for the heads up on the "Over 100lbs to lose group"!!

Thanks to Bill and Bubbs!!
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