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Thank you very much Paul for getting an answer for this, and for the quick reply.

I'm still not sure about the numbers. Please bear with me for a bit:

The nutrition tab says my custom intake of Vit A should be 700ug. That's the same as the FDA recommended amount for a woman of my age, so I'm guessing that may be the same info the tech uses. link.

This report also says that any male over 14 should get 900ug.

Assuming that the RDA the food labels use is based on an average male or female, the %s on the food label should be based on a number between 700ug and 900ug. The biggest it can be is 900ug.

Then the largest amount of Vitamin A I had in my previous example is 20% of 900 = 180ug. But the nutrition tab says I have 289.5ug which is much more.

How does the site calculate 289.5ug of Vit A from food labels that total 20% the RDA? Can you reference the source that the food label RDAs is taken from?

I really appreciate your help in this. I'm sorry if I'm being difficult. I like this site and I'd like to understand the numbers I'm seeing.

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