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Default Hello...

it's me again! Sorry, I come here less often than the other site as far as chatting about things is concerned. So, let's see here... it's been approximately a month now...I'm 235lbs, and really I've been going over my calorie limit off and on and fighting this particular number. I'd bet that I'd have made 20lbs lost by now if I'd have behaved better. Either way, in total I'm down from 250-235 making this a 15 lb loss for the month. Yes, still on Alli.

I've never read the book but thinking of getting it just to check it out. You wouldn't believe how easy it is to go over the fat limit for me. I think I knew I had a high fat diet, but I didn't know that even when I behaved before Alli, it was still high fat!!!

Anywho, had some effects... tonight namely passing gas was a bad idea (cheeseburger and a few fries...was not the best idea after all. I had a short bout with losing some hair... yes more than normal. I have very thick hair so I wasn't too alarmed. I'm guessing it was my vitamin. I checked it out and it lacks some essentials for hair growth.

BTW if any of you didn't know about it... it definitely blocks vitamins and essential fats, so it's always best to check that out. I mean for some maybe it won't but it looks pretty likely.

I find that if I eat things I shouldn't sometimes my stomach hurts. It also appears that exercise is really helpful for the process. Anything else that you might be interested in just give me a holler.
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