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Default Low low calorie breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

You can purchase pita pockets, lavash, or tortilla's like Pita Bread - Low Carb Breads - Low Carb Pita - Nutrition Bread - Flax Omega 3 Pita Bread and put just about a million things in them.

1 pita-60 calories...
I like to put in canned chunk light tuna... 100 calories for the whole can.
Some plain coleslaw... adds on about 5 calories.
One slice of fat free cheese, split in half, one half for each side of pita pocket, adds 25 calories.
1 tblsp. kraft fat free ranch dressing 25 calories split between the two halves again.
1 tsp. yellow mustard... 5 cal.

220 calories, or less, can skip whatever, or even add whatever you want, use spinach instead, or imitation crab...

Egg whites and peppers...

one good breakfast one is sliced banana inside, with a cinnamon/sugar(artificial-or sun crystals) sprinkled inside it.

Could do chicken and hot sauce.

Other fruits, or a vegetable mix?

The reason I enjoy It so much, Is I put it on my mini george foreman grill with a spray of 0 cal, 0 fat cooking spray. Crunchy on the outside, super healthy, and omg yum, with so many different ways to do it.
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