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Congrats on the 7 pound weight loss....that's fabulous AND PROGRESS! So you're on your way.....Baby steps get to big leaps. I start each day by looking in the mirror and saying "I'm fabulous and so deserving, and I'm going to do this (whatever it is), because I can, and it will make me sooo happy!"

I set little attainable daily goals....that are achieveable based on my progress. If it's only 15 minutes on the elliptical, so be it. It was 15 minutes of more energy!! And I set a weekly goal/reward system. Something simple like "30-45 minutes me time". Where I pick my favorite activity and get it indulge without guilt - reading, doing my nails, playing with my animals, taking my kids on a surprise outing, etc.

One of my favorite mentors has me tell myself daily, "IMAGINE, BELIEVE & RECEIVE!!!" IMAGINE what it will be like to weigh 120, picture what your new life will be like, the clothes, maybe different activities, energy, etc....then BELIEVE you can do it because it's truly only about you....just live in the moment, don't worry about the long-term....just do the things in that moment that will help you achieve your goals, that inspire you, that motivate you, then you will RECEIVE....those 7 lbs are monumental! They were the first stepping stone. You'll make it to the other side sooner than you think.

Congrats can do it! Just keep the faith.....
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