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Originally Posted by Elizabethgem View Post
I am proud to say that I did thirty minutes on the elliptical today! That is good for me as I really dislike exercising, but I am working with a dietician and one of my goals for this week is to exercise for a minimume of 30 minutes three days this week. I have one more day to go to meet my goal.

Well done Elizabeth .

Lots of people start out not liking the sweaty, out of breath, out of shape feeling that exercises causes. But when folks stick with it, most find that the sensation of working your body gets addictive. It still requires a little will power to get going from time to time. I hope with time you, too, will grow to enjoy the immediate and long lasting benefits.

Today was a good day for a long run - 10 miles at a relatively slow pace. The red wine with dinner last night kind of caught up with me. But it felt great to push myself through it even though I would have happily lazed around the kitchen reading the paper and eating breakfast.
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