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I would second any motion to improve the accuracy of nutrutional information. It is never going to be 100% in that your variety, brand or preparation may differ. I've been using Fitday about a week and find it very useful and enjoyable.

Along the lines of the above posters, I have been feeling it would be nice to setup a "starting template" for the new day. It would consists of whatever foods are normally eaten. This could be determined by the system, or done manually (an option could perhaps exist whether one wants this to be done, if it is automatic). The recent foods list is pretty good as a fall back method.

I can understand why people would want to be able to add whole meals, though mine vary quite a bit.

One small request on the calorie balance report (weekly, monthly, etc).
Is it possible to include the net balance for the period as a quantity of calories, and perhaps suggest approximate poundage? Obvously there
are other factors that could explain why your actual loss is less or more,
but the information is useful over the longer term.

THanks much,


P.S. Editing this, as I was also wondering about the inactivity timeout. I'm logged off pretty quickly - faster than my banking site. Or if the computer goes into standby. Is it possible that this could be customizeable if it isn't already?

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