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Default Small yet huge Success!

Hi all,
I've been a member here since March 17th and this is my first post because really- I never wanted to look at the discussion boards. I had this singular idea about my journey to health. I couldn't be helped and I didn't want to help myself for so long, I didn't realize the power of a support until yesterday.

My Story:
Fat all my life. I never wanted to do anything about it because sincerely, I believed I was happy. I had friends and boyfriends and I got married (and divorced!). I have a very successful career in the music industry and everyone around me is beautiful. I have an amazing 9 year old son. I also believed I was healthy. I work in the city and I walked everywhere, I love,love,love vegetables, and I really can move-I'm agile and strong (and what comes after that in my head is "for someone my size"). I hike with the cub scouts (alright, so I can't breathe at the top of that mountain, but who can?). I garden and mow my own lawn.

3 years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid hemiagenesis. I am missing more than half of my thyroid. I was born without it. Well, I assumed this is what has been keeping me fat. No, I was keeping me fat, that was just an excuse.

I have never told anyone this so here it is. I am 35 years old, 5'10", and when I began this journey on March 17th, I was 377 pounds. It is my highest weight. I don't know what my lowest weight was because I never dieted seriously.

So here I was. Enormous. Not fat- Enormous. I couldn't move! It was the first time in my life that I hated to walk anywhere and instead of the beautiful, stylish shoes in my giant collection, I was wearing sneakers to the city everyday because my feet,legs,back,everything hurt. And until March 3rd, I never owned a scale. March 16th I got an elliptical machine and March 17th, I found this impressive website. I've tracked my foods, stayed in the guidelines and watched my 'calories burned' add up!

I want to tell you that today I weighed in at 344 pounds. I lost 30 pounds. Thirty! I'm more than happy. I am DRIVEN. I usually relax my diet on Saturdays and I don't do my usual 30 minutes on the elliptical. Nope- 30 pounds is close to 40 pounds and 40 pounds is close to 50 pounds!
I have a mini-goal of 100 pounds by New Year's Eve. And then I want to give myself a 1 year goal to take off another 100 pounds. At first, I thought that was an impossible task. But after reading here- Michael's story and so many others- I want to be part of your club. I want to subscribe to your way of life. I have gone to bed happier more nights than not since March. I'm amazed at my own progress and I am in awe of all of yours. I will keep you updated, and I will be sure to participate here- I think it will add to my success.
Thank you all. This is a warm place to be.
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