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When I mentioned the fat that seems to creep into my diet, I was talking about eating meat, for example (even ground chicken, which I love in a soup) and anything that has an egg added to it. I end up eating egg whites (the kind you buy in a carton) for protein and not using whole eggs for anything. I try to add monounsaturated fat to my diet, because it seems to be missing - olive oil supplies it, meat supplies it, but both also add as much saturated fat. So these fortified margarines, like Benecol and Olivio, are my attempt to add monounsaturated fat - which ends up adding fat and calories, too!

I really like cheese, but now I eat fat-free cheese because wow, cheese is basically fat. And peanut butter... OK, so I spread some on a bran cracker and use the Smart Balance kind. Still, it's fat, and still, it's calories. Try not to do that too often. But at least, on a bran cracker, I'm getting more fiber.

It's been a long time since I've made anything that was sauteed in oil or butter. A big salad gets tossed with just one tablespoon of olive oil. Then, there's that addiction I have to plain old olives. Adding them to a salad, making a sandwich of vegetables, I throw in some olives - instant fat added, even if it's just plain old olives from the deli.

Dairy - kefir. Finding non-fat kefir isn't easy.

The prepared foods? Today, I'm having Morningstar chicken patties (taste like breaded chicken, but are vegetarian). Even one of those patties has 5 grams of fat (9x5=45 calories) and 8 grams of protein (8x4=32 calories) - more fat than protein (and 16 grams of carbs, which don't bother me). There's a blurb on the box that says the Morningstar patty has 5 grams of fat and a breaded chicken patty has 12 grams of fat.

Fish - not the oily kind, like salmon, which is really good for you, omega-3-wise - is probably the lowest-fat protein for meals. That, and things like non-fat cottage cheese... not bad with some chopped fresh fruit.

It's a balancing act... all the time!
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