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Laurea - I'm not surprised, 30% carbs is very low indeed, and the lowest I usually see recommended is 40%. Many people are very happily on 50% carbs or more. I'm on 55% at the moment and I doubt it'll get much lower. I know that low-carb is fashionable, but wholegrains are actually very healthy things, there's been bushels of research into how they stabilise cholesterol and blood sugar and hormones and so forth.

Kathy - I'm currently getting around 27% fat, but that is with consciously adding fats to my diet, such as oil for cooking/salads, nut butters, that sort of thing. I can't think of any food I eat that has already had fat added to it, but then I don't eat processed foods, is that what you were talking about? My saturated fat rate is currently 4% of my total calories. The amount of fat in my diet seems to be dropping as I try to add in more protein, and I'm starting to wonder how low I should let it go before it gets problematic. I did see a dietician the other year who said she thought I probably didn't get enough fat in my diet, although she was prone to making sweeping assumptions (e.g. that I was gluten intolerant because I was bloated - which was actually due to PMS), and I think she'd assumed that I was one of these people who go out of their way to avoid using fat in their diet.

Good point about the studies, too. Every time I try something new I research it to death and do searches with "scam" or "risk" or what have you in the search string, because otherwise you will find that one dodgy piece of research gets quoted to death and all the research against the miracle product gets ignored. For instance, I've just started adding 10g of protein powder to my morning porridge, and it doesn't exactly improve the taste, so I've been experimenting with dates and molasses and what have you to make it palatable again. Look up the health benefits of molasses, and you get one raw food site claiming that it is total POISON while other sites rave on about how it will cure your period cramps and reverse your greying hair (yeah, right). And actual research seems to be very thin on the ground for that particular thing, you get people quoting no more than the nutrient rates in a very biased way.
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