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I hear ya about the treadmill. What I do is try and make a contest of it, i'm a very competitive guy. I will get on it with a goal of burning 1000 calories, and in my head I break it down as I go, so every 10 minues i'm aiming for 175 calories or so, and I push myself every 10 minutes to hit that. I will also set it on showing calories burned, set it to a light jog and every 10 calories increase the speed until i've burned 50 calories, then every 10 calories decrease the speed, etc. Sounds dumb but it really helps to pass the time!

Basketball though sounds a lot better though

How has your progress been going? I'm down to 275 as of this morning. 3 weeks ago I was 291 so i'm happy with my results thus far. This time last year I was 310, and slowly dropped to 291 over the past 11 months before getting serious about this again.

I may have to try the NOXPLODE stuff, I am always sore from 6 days of cardio a week. In an odd way though I kind of like the soreness its a reminder of what i'm trying to do.
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