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Default 3 Weeks on Atkins

I started on Atkins on April 27th after weighing 220 at the doctors office and being told that I'm obese. She suggested a no white diet. So I'm doing this. The only things that I eat that are "off limits" on Atkins are apples, carrots and some popcorn. This is week 3 and I've lost 12lbs with no additional exercise. I plan to start incorporating some exercising in this week. I've learned to like grilled flounder and vegetables. It's not as hard as I thought it would be.

The first week, I felt weak and tired but I'm past that and am feeling pretty good.

My goal is 165 and I hope to hit that by October.

The Atkins works but it's not something for short term, be careful or you will gain the weight back.
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