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Default learning to make this a way of life

I really have a hard time too when I go out or at a party etc. It feels like I'm being deprived because everyone else can eat and I have to say no, but I'm learning it is better to indulge every once in a while and enjoy one treat than later going crazy and eating everything. I feel if I make it a choice to enjoy something then I am still in control and the food is not controlling me. I just try to make it up over the next several days or with an extra walk. For me this has to be a change in my lifestyle and not just a diet. I am learning to take control and chose that if I eat a certain food, I will have to also chose the consequences in the way I feel and extra work to compensate for that food, then I decide if it is worth that. The most powerful thing for me is that I now have control of my diet, before I felt the weight and food was controlling me.
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