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Default raw vegan

Hi, I'm a raw vegan - it's something I feel really passionate about as it has changed my life.
Started last December, have lost the 10lbs I've been trying to lose for years, look and feel fantastic! Can fit into skinny jeans - yay! Raw food is delicious. I'm tucking into a raw kale salad right now, with a scrummy avocado, lemon and garlic dressing and cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives (not raw, but nobody's perfect!).
Stopped worrying about protein, seem to get enough from lots of leafy green veggies, nuts and seeds. ( I steer clear of soya because it's so highly processed, and also the jury still seems to be out as to whether it does/doesn't prevent breast cancer). Lucas Rockwood of Yogabody does a good vegan protein powder if anyone's interested...great added to green smoothies. If anyone wants raw recipes, I'd be very happy to share!
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