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I've used this DVD for a good six months or so, on and off. It's a good quick workout for when I don't have a lot of time and also something I can bring with me when I travel for work and do on the road.

I stopped doing it for a while in favour of biking, but had some nerve problems in my hand that made it painful to hold the handlebars, so I went back to the DVD.

As much as I like the workout and would happily do it every day, the constant high impact from all the jumping jacks and other bouncy exercises are giving me stress fractures in my shin bones.

So I guess I'm back to the bike.

But as far as weight loss goes, I don't see a ton of weight loss from it, so much as toning up. I don't care about the numbers on the scale so much as how my clothes fit and I do definitely notice an improvement in my overall shape if I stick with the DVD for even as little as a week.
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