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I have been doing something unusual lately: drinking my oat bran fiber. Weird, huh? I bought some oat bran fiber to add to fruit smoothies. Didn't do that - instead, I just put the fiber in a big jug of water in the refrigerator. When I need to drink something cold, I shake it up really well, pour some in a glass and drink it (no sweeteners, I just kind of like the taste!).

I have hit upon this 'oat water' instead of buying 'oat milk' which is much richer and tastier, available in the supermarket along with nut milks and soybean milk, etc. I pour this oaty water on cereal in the morning and never miss the dairy I used to use for cereal. I do like dairy and still eat yogurt, cheese and kefir. The oat water just moistens the cereal enough to make it wet and crunchy but without any distracting taste. The oat water has hardly any taste at all, but there is fiber there - I can see it in the sludge that accumulates at the bottom of the glass if I don't swirl the liquid or stir it when I'm drinking.

Happened upon this accidentally, don't know of anyone else who does it!
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