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Congratulations on your anniversary .

I can give you the information from the homemade pizza crust that I do. It's whole wheat and a pretty standard recipe.

For one pizza crust, there are 834 calories, 10g fat, 160g carbs, 18.5g fiber, and 28.5g protein. I just divide that by how many pieces I cut the pie into and then multiply it by how many slices I eat. If it's not a whole wheat crust, the calories would be the same, though the fiber and protein would be less, I would think.

You can probably estimate the veggies by weight or volume and enter them. I doubt they would really be contributing to the calorie total. I usually just enter a quarter cup or so of crushed tomatoes for the sauce; I make mine with just the tomatoes and spices; I don't add olive oil, though some folks do.

Don't panic; I don't think it would be as caloric as you might think. Most pizza calories come from cheese and a thick crust. Enjoy your dinner.

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