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When I clicked on your link it took me to MY food log!! LOL!! I guess it doesn't work that45 way!

Where did you read that 60 carbs a day was sufficient? I totally disagree with that. Even diabetics, eating a healthy diet are supposed to eat 45 g of carbs per MEAL! Because there are carbs in veggies, in fruit, in milk..there is just no way to eat healthy at 60 g of carbs a day...unless you are doing one of those really high protein diets, which I am not sure is possible if you are a vegetarian anyways.

Try and aim for the 45 g of carbs per meal, and those should be NET carbs (total carb g minus fibre g = net carbs). That should be a healthy amount of carbs and still promote weight loss. Be sure you are eating healthy carbs, whole wheat, whole grains, oats, etc. And avoid the "white" carbs..potatoes, white rice, white bread, white sugar, etc.
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