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Default Two Weeks and Zero Weight Loss

Hello All,

I am a little confused.....I have been monitoring my carb/cal intake for two weeks making significant reductions in both and exercising 5 days a week with about 2.5 miles of brisk walking and 3-4 days going to the driving range to hit some golf balls.

My stats so to speak

BMI - 37
AGE- 44
HGT - 6'4"
WGHT - 304.4 - 304.6
Avg. Weekly Cal -1376
Avg. Carb - 152.7

As I understand it I am burning more cals than I am taking in, which I thought was supposed to aid in some weight loss, also I am eating way fewer carbs than before - not that I was counting.......

A side not: I was about 20 pounds heavier prior to starting this process as I had been in the hospital with Pneumonia. So that might be a good thing......

My wife says she notices a difference and I suppose it is possible that I am just redistributing my weight around.... I know I have more energy....perhaps to her chagrin. I burn this off as noted above by walking and golfing...I will soon add a sat or sun of actual 18 holes to this (walking where permitted)

Additionally, I did measure my arms legs, waist etc....will repeat to see if there is where some difference might be....not too optimistic though.

Any suggestions?
Any further information needed?

Appreciate your time.....
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