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You've never eaten an avocado in your life? You poor deprived person! They're lovely things. Nice on bread or toast, and also very good in salads, say with spinach and tomatoes. And then of course there's guacamole, easy to make yourself and perhaps a good way of spinning out the avocado so that you aren't gobbling it all at once. Of course, you could just share the avocado if you happen to have someone around who likes them. I once tried my partner on avocado, and unfortunately it wasn't quite ripe and put him off for life, he hasn't wanted to try one since.

I'm glad you brought this up, you're making me think about how I could enjoy avocadoes without eating the whole thing in one day. Guacamole on toast, probably; the lemon juice or what have you should be enough to make it keep well in the fridge for a day or so. You're really meant to use lime, of course, I just don't have them in the house often. I probably should just buy them, they're cheap, it just seems like a waste if you don't use the whole thing.
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