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"30% healthy monounsaturated fat" doesn't make sense to me. Do they mean that 30% of your calories should be from monounsaturated fat, with even more calories devoted to the other types of fat? Or that 30% of your calories from fat should be monounsaturated? Or what I think they mean, which is "30% of calories from fat, and a lot of those from monounsaturated fat"? And what about polyunsaturated fats, aren't they meant to be good as well?

I'm finding that my fat percentage is in the mid-thirties on the days when I have an avocado, but then I'm short, inactive and thus on a 1000-1100 calorie diet. They're probably easier to work around for people with another 400 or so calories. I still love avocadoes, fabulous things, but I've decided to buy one at a time rather than more. I don't worry about the balance of my fats, though; being vegan, my diet is naturally low in saturated fat and proportionately higher in good fats. I could probably wangle something nasty if I lived on coconut oil or took to eating processed fried food, I suppose. Though isn't coconut oil meant to be relatively good for you? It certainly makes a fabulous moisturiser! (Avocadoes allegedly make good face masks too, but as an aromatherapist I know put it, "I never get past the STOP - DO NOT EAT THE AVOCADO stage.")
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