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Lightbulb Something finally makes sense

I was reading on Yahoo about avocados. I came across this paragraph. It concisely puts together what I've been trying to understand.

"Studies show that people sustain their nutrition program longer and have greater weight loss when on a diet that contains about 30 percent healthy monounsaturated fat, like those in avocados, rather than a low-fat diet. This is because fats, when eaten in the proper balance with carbohydrates, can help to slow the release of sugars into the blood stream, thereby triggering less insulin release. Insulin is basically the hormone that instructs the body to store energy as fat while preventing the use of stored energy, making it a dieter's nemesis if levels are too high."

!! And since FitDay is so great about keeping track of fat and carbs for you, it will be easy to keep the balance. (Or at least be aware of your balance/non-balance)
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