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Default Diet forgiveness

Hi Death Arrow, Yes, I have been there too often. All I can tell you is that you have to decide, "Ok.Today was not what I wanted it to be, but tomorrow will be" or you will end up two weeks from today still trying to regroup. Everyone has days like that. You need to focus on the weight you have lost, and not beat yourself up. Focusing on the negative only keeps you down. I needed this same kind of support recently and some others here said the same things to me. I had a similar type of day to yours yesterday, and today I am trying to move on. My house is loaded with Girl Scout cookies that I am trying not to eat. I am trying to remind myself how much better I will feel physically and emotionally if I don't cave in.

You have done well in the past because you have lost weight, so remember that and how good it feels, and forgive yourself for today and move on. You can do it!
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