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Default Diet forgiveness? How do you forgive yourselves?

Hi. So recently today, I went out with my friends to a culture festival, I thought I was doing a good thing by eating some boiled chicken on a whole grain bread sandwich with some nonfat yogurt so I wouldn't be tempted to buy food there...sure enough..I felt bloated and fat because earlier I had some sugar free chocolate mousse (not bad! only 60 calories) and some whole wheat kashi cereal. Then while I was there...I bought some veggie chips, thinking they'd be good for you...they were 160 calories, mostly empty calories to be honest. Then I get home, and eat some bread dipped in spaghetti sauce

Now here you are...starting off great, doing good. Then you mess up through out the day. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has done this. So how do you guys "forgive" yourselves? In about a month, I have lost 5 pounds. I still need to lose like 25 more.But I feel like I am messing up so much, I am gaining it all back in a matter of days.So, how you guys forgive all your diet mess ups, instead of being too negative on yourself?

I love you guys, HECK YEAH MAN.
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