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I think it's tempting to use the WW snacks (ice cream, cheese, etc.) because they are lower-calorie. But there are lots of other low-calorie snacks on the grocery shelves that have around the same number of points and you never have to buy a WW product. Some of them just taste good.

Tonight, I had a snack when I came home late - two very large fresh oranges. Not one, but two - and they were big. So, when I went to put the points in the WW tracker, I entered 4 medium size oranges because they didn't have oranges that size in the tracker. Number of points? Zero. The new 'free fruits' really does work. The whole diet kind of nudges toward eating more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. This is all good, but some people still have to have pretzels, etc., when they snack. I'm just glad to be able to have fresh fruit and still lose. (I did lose this week...)
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