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I have been using FitDay for just a few days and agree with a few of the posters. 1. Organizing by meals would make it easier for me to see what I'm doing at each meal. One of the posters is correct that competing sites have this (ie MyFitnessPal). I should be eating 6x per day and it's far better to see what I'm doing at each meal as well as totals. I also agree that being able to create a meal for things that I eat the same way would save a lot of time. There are certain things I have for breakfast every morning and I eat them exactly the same way. On another site I was able to create a meal by adding the four ingredients I use consistently. Each day I can simply select the meal, drop it into "which meal" (ie breakfast) and I'm done. Your suggestion to create a "custom food" as a meal is far too time consuming. I am already struggling with spending too much time creating foods right now to have to create a meal by trying to figure out all of the ingredients, put it in a spreadsheet so as to aggregate all the data to create one single "custom food meal". I also agree that introducing consistency in adding and removing items from the journal using checkboxes would be very beneficial. I, too, have had to go back and delete a few items and add them back, far too time consuming. I really like all of the stats this system can generate including the graphs however I'm finding the overall learning and setting up curve to be very steep as compared with others I've tried.
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