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Weighed today for first time this month and I am down 17 pounds feels good to see that but I got a long way to.

I have had my doubts about displaying my actual weight and goal here, but I figure we are all working toward the same goal and have the same issues so here it goes. I will have to figure out how to place it permanetly in my post but I will just add it in this one for now.

My Previous and highest weight was 564 not good. Exercise none existent. Health issues diagnosised with a disease of the lungs (Pulmonary Hypertension)- enlarges right heart, damaged blood vessels in the lungs, causing diminished lung capabilites, serious breathing problems, and heavy fluid retention. eventually resulting in heart failure.

Current weight 547 down 17 pounds since my last weigh in April 25. Total diet overhaul. Bread, gone. diary nearly gone, alcohol gone.

My goal I am shooting for 380 under 400 by this time next year. It will be a challenge with little exercise. I am able to do some with the aid of medical oxygen 30 minutes on the stepper every night before bed. Hopefully if prescribed meds continue to improve breathing I can increase the amount of exercise I do, at a certain saturation level I will be able to enter pulmonary rehab, a supervised exercise program through doc office.

and thats my situation
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