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Hello again. Some kind of a wierd glitch on the forums prevents me from posting sometimes. I can always view the threads as a visitor but when I log in sometimes it won't bring up the page.

Anyways I did post some specifics in the weight loss tips discussion. Thde thread is "questions about my plan" if anyone cares to have a look.

Thanks CJ I'll post in that section of the boards you mentioned from now on.

The mixed results I am having are that although I have lost 10-15 pounds over the last 5 weeks, I am not seeing much difference in measurements or the way my clothes fit. Another thing is that my weight loss has been coming in 3 pound increments. I drop 3 pounds in one day and then stay there for about a week, and then suddenly 2-3 pound loss again and maintain for another week. It is not consistent at all.

My other questions and details are in that thread I mentioned so check it out if you get a chance. I think I am headed in the right direction and that I just need to be patent but I don't want to get 3 months down the line and find out I was doing it all wrong ya know?
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