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Originally Posted by ladierainy View Post
Can you make it without the cheese do you think?

I'm mostly dairy free ... wouldn't mind the cheese on the top but having cheese in the crust makes it something I'm less likely wanting to have in my diet, even for a splurge.
I don't normally put cheese on top. It was too cheesy! I have used 2% and it came out fine, just took a little longer to cook.

I have tried making it with soy cheese but the crust didn't come out right. I have never made it with fat free cheese. I don't know if it would work or not because FF cheese's texture is a lot like soy's when you melt it.

I'm sure you could probably play around with it and find a substitute while keeping the carbs down but I have no idea what you could use instead of cheese.

I also use cauliflower as a pasta substitute in my baked ziti.
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