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Thanks Bubbs, and everyone again for your support and welcoming me back.

Today I did really well with my diet, I also realized that counting my calories is something I should do at the very end of my day. I counted just now at 9pm and I've eatten under 1000 cal today and I'm not hungry at all. For some reason when I keep constant track I usually struggle to stay under my 1300 limit. So I'm going to keep doing it at the end of my day and see if it works for me. Over the last month i've eatten mostly low carb and 100% unprocessed foods, also no added sugar and barely any grain products. I think thats how I managed not to gain weight while I wasn't exercising (not even a little bit of walking) . Still kind of physically lazy from being depressed, so I still haven't been working out. It just keeps slipping to the bottom of my priorities even though it should be at the top. Will exercise tomorrow for sure to get myself back into the routine. I expect to have a pretty good loss when I first start exercising again. Anyways just wanted to post about today, and will post almost everyday again to keep myself focused. Maybe will help other people to.
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