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Are you using fitday to track your intake and exercise burn? If so the most methodical way to go about losing weight is to keep your body at a calorie deficit, like 500-1,000 more calories burned than eaten, over time. And you can track all of that here on fitday. On top of that many of us watch our macros and have ratios that we try and achieve. The ideal macros for each person vary depending on their body and goals. I'm a female, workout 5-6 days/week, approx 50% of that is cardio, 30% weight training and maybe 20% stretching/balance, currently I'm using 40/40/20 (carbs, proteins, fats), but that's just me. Male body builders use something different, lower carbs and higher proteins & fat, maybe? That's one everybody has to play with a little to get figured out. Anyway the other question I have for you is are you drinking enough water? 64 oz baseline + another 8 oz for every 10lbs you want to lose. It's also normal to have fluctuations in your weight no matter how rigorous your diet and exercise. Some of that comes from water retention (inflammation, sore muscles, too much sodium, etc etc) other causes for weight fluctuation may be related to gastric regularity or medication, and some of that is just your body messing with your head for fun.
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