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I sometimes wonder if it's a cookie/browser problem.

I use Firefox here at work and the security setup on it is fairly lax - I don't have logout problems. At home, I use Google Chrome and my security is higher - I have my cookies set up differently, and I am logged out ALL the time.

I've noticed a trend to it, though - if I log on and go to the forums RIGHT away, without stopping in food or exercise, it tends to stay logged in. Sometimes I get booted, but usually not.

If, however, I log in, enter some food and/or activities, and then try to go to the forums, I'm logged out, every single time, and have to re-log. Sometimes it gets to the point where it boots me over and over from the forums and I just have to try again later (that happened continually this weekend). It's definitely something with the forums that boots me.

If it is a problem with internet cookies or security protocols, then it kind of sucks that I have to lower my internet security to use Fitday properly, but at least I CAN turn it off and back on. It's slightly annoying, but I'll do it to use the site, and it doesn't ruin my day or anything . Sometimes I think much is made over minor problems and annoyances, but to each their own!
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