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Give yourself a challenge. Write down everything you eat - measured first, in a measuring cup or using a kitchen scale - for 3 days. At the end of that time, you should be able to average those daily calories and see how much you are eating.

Just measuring and counting food you put in your mouth - and logging it in (fitday!) will tell you why you are not losing weight at the rate you like. If beer is 500 calories, total (all counts should be online somewhere if you google them for specific beers) and that fits in your calorie limit, then you can manage beer. If that's pushing your calorie count up and replacing energy that your muscles need from protein, for example, then either cut way down or drop the beer.

Fitday gives you all the tools you need to see what's going on with your diet. Once using those tools becomes a habit, the process of dieting is much, much clearer.
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