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Default One-off fee?

There are a few sites that require a one-time joining fee of a minimal amount (eg $5 USD) and are free thereafter. I'd be happy to pay something like this if it meant Fitday could upgrade to a larger server, or fix whatever else it is that makes it

- slow
- log you out arbitrarily
- refuse to open some pages, esp forums
- do other things that annoy people, which I haven't noticed/accounted for

And/or - new joiners could get Fitday online free for one or two months, and then be asked to make a payment like that, and then it'd be free again - would engage people long enough to see results and maybe stay with it to keep their stats. Or people just be asked to pay the fee from the start (like the sites I'm thinking of), which would prevent people making serial accounts. A fee like that is something even I can handle and would be willing to pay.

I really, really like Fitday's tools and absence of gimmickry (e.g., force-fed diet or workout plans - no pun intended - hype, etc), but agree with everyone saying its noted slowness makes a real impact on usability.
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