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Red face Happy Weekend!

Since everyone was so upbeat and encouraging I thought I'd check in and see how it is going - one day later....

I am curious to know your ages - if you're willing to share.

The reason I ask is, for those of you who said you were "new" moms to young children I wanted to share my thought that that time of life is an especially difficult one to carve out time for yourself or to eat properly when the peanut gallery demands "Happy Meals" on every corner.

I put my kids in a double umbrella stroller and walked the high school track or the neighborhood sidewalks with friends. Later we planned park trips and hikes with dozens of kids in tow to get moms and kids alike up and moving. I'm hoping you are part of a group like that because it's great for the kids and a life saver for the adults.

Now I'm on the back nine of child rearing, with sons ages 15 and 17, and a lot more time to work out, plan, shop, and prepare healthy meals.

Still there are challenges at this stage. Yesterday my 15 year old lamented, "There's no food in this house!" (Which confirmed my earlier suspicion that canned tuna/chicken, Cliff bars and protein powder were not, in fact, food after all.) What he meant was that there was no "junk food" in the house - which is true. Sugar free Jello and No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa is as close as you'll get to a sweet treat in our pantry. Sad, but true.

"You don't know how hard it is to eat a plain sandwich every day and watch my friends drool all over fried chicken and french fries." he shouted.

So, while feeding and eating around little kids has its challenges, I'm here to tell you that a "food fight" can break out at any age.

Which is why I have to remind myself that it is a marathon - not a sprint - with parenting, too!

Will this come up in therapy? : |
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