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Maria, welcome!

I don't see any mention of your calorie intake in your post. Accurately tracking your calorie intake and expenditure is the key to weight loss. Although certain nutritional mixes may speed or slow weight loss depending upon your body chemistry, at the end of the day it is calories in vs. calories out that causes weight loss (or lack thereof).

You need to track what you eat and drink and figure out your daily calorie burn to come up with a daily calorie deficit that you can live with (i.e. will keep you full so you don't go off-plan) and that will give you the average weekly loss you want.

Oh, and you really should do "something" for exercise--walking is tough to beat and is what I do (well, jogging now that I'm down to a more reasonable weight).

The last thing is to drink as much water as you comfortably can--within reason, the more you drink the faster you'll lose.

47 M 5'8"

May 4, 2010...... 440? lbs. (Start FitDay Size 60 Jeans)
June 19, 2010.... 393 lbs. (First Weigh-in)
June 19, 2011.... 229 lbs. (164 lbs. gone in one year :-)
Current Weight... 185 lbs. (Size 36 Jeans)

Next Goal 169 lbs. (07/04/12)
Ultimate Goal 165 lbs. (12/31/12)

The best exercises for weight loss are Fork Putdowns and Table Pushaways.

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