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Question Hello I doing this right?

Hi everyone,

I just started using fitday after falling away from Weightwatchers, I was losing minimal amounts of weight and paying 'too much per pound' so I moved on. I am now here and trying to figure out what I need to do nutrition-wise but lose my weight efficiently.

I am starting at 340 on the dot, my goal is 280 by my October 15, 2011 wedding, I know it sounds like a lot but do to my build (short and stocky) and my experiences in losing weight in the past I feel this is completely doable and damnit I'll die trying!

Basically, I am doing a high protein-low carb-lower fat split but I can't seem to get enough protein in for what I am 'goaling' for. I am utilizing intense workout with my dieting and want to make sure I am feeding my body enough to recover. Up to 5 days a week I work out a mixed martial arts gym and spar (fight) for up to an hour as well as doing calisthenics and the like for 30 mins to an hour. I feel that this kind of workout as well as the beating my body is taking requires heavy protein supplementation, but I cannot seem to get it all in.

Someone, anyone, am I doing this right?

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