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Default Calorie counting newbie is reading Primal/Nourishing Traditions


I'm a 5'5 women who weighs 233lbs. I started going on a dieting last Fall for my first time in my life. I have always been overweight all my life. I thought the diet was working in the beginning since I lost some weight in the few weeks then nothing. It's 6m later and I've only lost around 10lbs. So I'm probably doing something wrong.

I have joined this site to learn how calorie counting works. I'm already confused about it.

I started reading the Weston Price website last Fall about Nourshing Traditions. I changed all my diet. I cut out all fast food, frozen food and started making my meals at home using the clean eating rules. i started moving more like walking stair stepper and at home excersie like situps and jumpin jacks. I thought the weight would come off me. But I was wrong.

i ordered a book called Primal Blueprint by Mark Sison. But until it comes I am readin his site. I tried doing low carb but found the lowest i could go even with taking out bread rice pasta beans was 75-100g carbs. I still drink milk and eat cheese. but from what i read on nourising traditions by sally fallon i try to buy raw milk. It tastes funny but i am getting used to it.

I went to the doctor to see if something is wrong with me, but the tests came back negative so i can't figure out why i'm not losing weight. am i meant to be fat all my life?

i would appreciate some advice on how to figure how many calories i need to eat to lose weight. i want to lose at least 50lbs this year, if i can. then try the rest next year.

also help on what types of excercise i can do. i'm fat of course out of shape so doing instanity or zumba is out the question. I tried them and couldn't keep up. i try to walk everyday. and i work out at my friend's house she has a treadmill and a elliptical trainer- i go maybe 3 times a week.

I cut out sugar, even splenda from my life, potatoes, pasta, bread, rice, beans, grains. i won't lie and say i never eat potatoes or a slive of bread, coz i do sometimes sneak a few soonful of mashed potatoes or a slive of bread but i keep it to only one a day. I'm eating mostly chicken & turkey breast, canned tuna, eggs and when i can afford it beef, and fish. i try to keep my carbs under 100g acco rding to what i read on the atkins www

really i would appreciate help with calorie counting nourishing traditions primal blueprint and excercise; thank you very much - i'm really confused and deprssed at what a bad job i have been doing.

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