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Default How does FitDay calculate the RDAs?

When you look at the various charts that FitDay can produce (I'm using the PC version), a lot of the time you get percentages of the RDA. Indeed, when you're entering a custom food, that's the only way you can enter the micronutrients. Where are they getting these RDAs from? Are they customising them depending on your calorie intake or expenditure? Being all of 4'11 and housebound due to disability, at most, I burn 1500 calories a day, and I'm eating about 400 less than that.

What about the RDAs for the macronutrients? Those seem to be done as a proportion of the calories you consume, but I have no idea what ratio of macronutrients they're assuming. I'm consuming about 15% of my calories from protein, for instance, and while there are lots of high-protein diets around, the level I'm at is actually perfectly normal (especially for a vegan) and within the usual recommended range. But FitDay seems to think that I'm not getting nearly enough protein, without telling me what its basis is for that. Indeed, if I check it on a day-by-day basis, it tells me that I had a lower level of protein according to its Daily Value chart on days when according to the percentage of calories consumed, I actually ate more protein than usual!

I'm not living and dying by their analyses, I use a lot of custom foods and haven't always been able to find the micronutrient data for them so I know it won't reflect what I really eat, plus I use supplements anyway, but I am curious about this. And I definitely want to know if FitDay is prone to calculating errors, as that could affect other areas.
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