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I'm probably eating the same proportion of fat in my diet that I was before, which according to Fitday is 30% or a bit under. Not much is saturated fat, about 5% of my total calorie intake, and I don't eat any animal fats at all (which is presumably relevant since meat and dairy tend to have quite a lot of artificial hormones in them). Of course, I will be eating less fat now because I'm eating less overall, and I'm also refraining from some of the fattier foods - although even then, I really wasn't eating biscuits or crisps all that often, and come to that it was probably only two or three packets of biscuits (cookies in American, I think) a year. The problem with biscuits is that I will eat the entire pack in 24 hours at most, which is why I'm not even going to bother trying to have one now and again, I know it won't work. Anyway, I haven't changed what I eat all that much, it was always pretty healthy. I've just lowered the amounts and tweaked this and that, rather than needing to make mammoth changes.

Tangential rambling about biscuits aside, all I know about spotting is that a lot of women seem to be reporting it when they're losing weight, I get it sometimes due to having a copper IUD, and mine improved once I started taking echium oil (EFA supplement, basically meant to be the best veggie alternative to fish oils) about 18 months ago. We'll see what happens. I ovulated late this cycle and the last (weirdly low body temperatures last cycle too, no idea why), so I think stress is probably the factor there. I'm curious to see whether the shorter luteal phase continues. That's associated with PMS and excess oestrogen, and there's been the odd study reporting shorter luteal phase length with IUDs, though doctors all swear blind that copper IUDs don't affect your hormones. (Both the PMDD and the sudden weight gain started when I got the previous IUD, but since I'd had IUDs before without trouble, who knows what's happening there. Unfortunately I didn't start the FAM tracking until after I got the IUD, I'm using it as a warning system for the PMDD, so I don't know what my luteal phase length was before.) Something to do with prostaglandins, I think? I've started taking a good-quality ginger supplement, initially to help with feeling chilly (again, very common with dieting, they tell me), and also because apparently it's a damned good anti-inflammatory, for reasons which I can't quite remember but involving prostaglandins again, and I'd be thrilled if I could find an effective form of pain relief. So I'll be watching that with interest.

You've now got me curious about how androgen and its friends affect brain function when someone is undergoing hormone treatment as part of gender reassignment. I don't think I've ever known anyone FTM all that closely, at any rate not closely enough for them to tell me how hormone treatment felt.

I'm making a note of the various things that are cropping up and I'll mention them next time I speak to my GP, who covers the vast majority of my healthcare (and with whose blessing I am on this diet, don't worry). I'm in the UK where the system is a bit different. Women don't tend to see gynaecologists unless there's an actual problem, we don't have regular check-ups with them for instance, and right now I'm not under the care of a gynae. I've found my GP to be far more helpful with gynae matters than some of the gynaes I've seen anyway, she's a stonking good doctor.
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