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Default Starting out in the forums . . .

I've tried to be more healthy in the past and have struggled with just maintaining any sort of exercise habit. I've allowed myself to get to a size that I'm just not comfortable with, and I'm using FitDay as a way to track my progress while I try REAL hard to make the changes I need to make. A bit about myself:

I'm in my late-30s, and up through high school, I was a skinny kid. Family used to tease me about being able to see my ribs. I'm an asthmatic (which is now under control), and let that be an excuse when I didn't want to do anything physical, and my interests weren't exactly in line with what was taught in PE class, so I didn't exactly develop any good health habits when I was younger.

When I moved out on my own after high school and had to start providing for myself, I adopted the philosophy that if it took longer to cook than it did to eat, I was preparing the wrong food. I ate a LOT of microwave meals, and it didn't help that 6 fast food restaurants were less than 5 minutes away from my first apartment! I put on a gut, and I've been carrying it around every since.

About 5 years, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, and have 3 vertebrate breaking down in my back. My being overweight didn't help things, and I've had a few treatments over the years involving steroid injects and physical therapy to help. Fortunately, I've not had a flare up of pain over the past year or so.

My lifestyle is fairly sedentary. I work in an office and sit in front of a computer for 10 hours/day (I do have the option to stand while working, which I advantage of quite often). I write and I produce a horror movie podcast, so I spend several hours at home in front of a computer. FitDay tells me that burns some calories, but, really, I haven't done too much.

I'm 6'4" and currently weight 306 lbs (most of it in my stomach). 2 weeks ago, I started the C25k program and started really tracking my calories (I was apparently consuming 3500+ calories at least three times a week), and I'm down from my starting-two-weeks-ago 316 lbs., so I feel like I'm on the right track.

Ultimately, I'd like to get down to 250 by the end of the year. I feel like if I can stay on track with what I'm doing now, I should be able to hit it.

One of my struggles is with food. I'm a vegetarian, which takes a lot of protein sources off the menu for me. I'm not vegan, so I've not forsaken cheese, eggs, etc, so I'm still getting SOME protein, but I do wonder if I could see even more progress is I were to incorporate vegetarian-friendly supplements.

I'm looking forward to spending some time here in the forums (more sitting in front of the computer!) . . . !
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