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It's not actually the name of the book, it's one in a collection of short stories. Short Friday might be the collection. Like most of Singer's stories, it's set in a Jewish community in Poland a few centuries ago, with lashings of the occult. In this case, Taubele is a widow, and the "demon lover" is in fact an impoverished teacher who sneaks into her house, tells her he's a demon, and makes up all sorts of incredible stories for her. He does write some stories where the demons are literally real, however, and plenty more where the demons aren't literal but the situation is pretty demonic.

Ooh, you study hormones? Can you tell me more about what weight loss tends to do to them? Admittedly three weeks in is a bit early to tell, and perhaps I'm just stressed this month, but mine seem to be turning somersaults. I've gathered that spotting is usual when dieting, and I've heard theories about fat cells releasing oestrogen on their way out, but not really much about how it affects PMS and the like. This cycle has been nasty for PMS, odd for bleeding, shorter luteal phase than usual, and pretty much got let off the hook for migraine.
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