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250ml more for every 10lb you'd like to lose? Surely that would end up with crazy amounts of water for people aiming for large-scale weight loss? There is such a thing as drinking too much water, you know! Come to that, there is such a thing as not getting enough salt. You don't hear much about it in Western countries where salt intake is usually too high, but it's still possible, especially if you're losing a lot of sweat through heat or exercise, and if severe it can kill you. (There are also reports of people having a modest amount of salt, way too much water, and ending up with the sodium in their body so diluted that it killed them.) Having just done a quick google, apparently the minimum recommended amount of sodium is 1,500 mg, and the maximum is 2,300mg. I just had a look at my charts, and I seem to be within that most days, slightly above it once, under it a few times, which probably evens out overall. I can see how it would be very easy to go way over the recommended amount of sodium if you're eating processed food at all, or anything particularly salty. I've been told to increase my salt intake in the past, when my blood pressure was about 90/60 (possibly lower than that when I hadn't just had the exhaustion of a trip to the doctor's) and I was blacking out a lot. My blood pressure seems to be normal for the last few years, thankfully, though I still black out occasionally.

Tofu is useful stuff, and turns out to be even higher in protein than I thought. Some people say you should balance out the, erm, probably phytoestrogens by consuming a little seaweed with it, can't quite remember how it works but I tend to put seaweed with my tofu anyway, at least when I can be bothered (which from now on will be practically always, I hope). The whole phytoestrogen thing is controversial, of course, you get people extrapolating practically everything from the Japanese rates of breast cancer and such, even though you can't possibly reduce an entirely different diet and lifestyle to a single factor. From what I've gathered, going through a block of tofu a week is fine, it's when you have soya added to practically everything you eat that you start running into problems.

Out of curiosity, are you Jewish too? I'm a humanist by belief but was brought up Jewish, and I'm used to the convention of adding "-ele" as a diminutive (and have been known to do this to the name of a Hindu/Sikh friend of mine). There's a rather good short story by I.B. Singer called "Taubele and her Demon Lover" which I've always been fond of.
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