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I think I'm drinking about 2l a day, 3/4 of which is water and the rest is herbal tea. A good amount for my height, I reckon?

Adding exercise is unfortunately not an option, as I discussed above. I'm fairly limited in how I can change my macros since I'm vegan, but I'm keeping an eye on the balance there and noting what's going on for days which are higher in protein. At the moment I'm averaging 28% fat, 52% carbs and 15% protein. I'm not planning to go for a low-carb diet, especially since I've been told by doctors to eat carbs regularly; low glycaemic index, on the other hand, is quite a good idea. As far as I can tell, my diet is pretty low GI, though it's a real pity that FitDay doesn't track sugars. My diet has always been naturally quite low in sodium, and if anything I tend a little towards low blood pressure, so I'm not worried about that. It's not as if I'm eating processed foods, beyond the odd slice of wholemeal bread or what have you. Protein will probably improve further once the local Chinese supermarket reopens and I can have tofu again.

How long do plateaus tend to go on for? Long enough that they're a serious problem, or is it more than they last long enough to make you antsy but aren't necessarily serious?
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