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To this day, I've all but sworn off all carbohydrates with a high glycemic index (i.e.,grains) and limit carbs from fruits and vegetables. About one year ago, when I replaced cereals and breads with lots of fruits and vegetables (still totaling to 250-350 g/carbs/day), I lost a lot of weight (about 15 lbs, from 15% body fat to 12%).

So it will work.

Eventually it stopped working and I couldn't get below 12% body fat, instead, I began gaining weight despite the regular cardio (running, swimming, group-ex, hiit, etc.)

Now, about 5% of my daily caloric intake comes from carbs (about 25 g/carbs/day), mostly vegetables. I find it absolutely disgusting how quickly I'm losing body fat (according to my fancy scale). And my strength hasn't declined either as I've just increased the weights on my bench, squats, rows, and deadlifts. I feel as though I just wasted three years basing my diets off that stupid pyramid the USDA and AHA recommend...
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