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"FWIW, I've gotten this far in one year using FitDay daily, eating a reasonable amount of real food, having the occasional "day off" (or two), and doing a pretty modest (30 min) amount of daily exercise (mainly walking). No pills, shots, starving, patent gadgets, surgery or other hocus pocus."


I'm so glad that you posted your pictures! And I totally agree; I think that you should take an after picture by the same Jeep! Even if someone only has 20 lbs. to lose, you certainly give them the inspiration (and eliminate any excuses ) to get the job done.

I'm so happy to see your approach to weight loss. Basically, calories in vs. calories out. In a time when we all want instant gratification, sometimes doing it the "old fashioned" way, even though it takes time, works. The whole key is changing our eating habits for good, not just for awhile. It takes time for our brains to reboot and think about food differently.

There are times when I still go to my old size on the racks when shopping for new clothes because I don't mentally picture myself as smaller... I can only imagine how it must be for you!



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